Wednesday, Dec’15th, 2021
ICCIC Auditorium – 7:30PM

Picture of compositor Ilya Levinson with concert performers Ala and Guerassim Voronkov.

This concert is a journey through the figure of the violin to explore the most famous compositions (from great classic arrangements, to new compositions) of the American classical music based on the fusion and the dialogue between the Hebrew folklore, jazz, blues and swing.

With compositions by Gershwing, the king of the fusion of jazz, blues and classical, Joseph Achron, who will base a large part of his composition on Jewish traditional music, and the contemporary composer Ilya Levinson, the public will be able to enjoy all the registers and possibilities of the violin, as well as the evolution on through the different genres that have been explored by this instrument.

Fusion, new languages. Music evolution through the dialogue between styles.

The Voronkov Duo consists of the Ukrainian violinist Ala Voronkova, who plays a 1600 Giao Paolo Maggini violin and the Russian conductor, pianist and composer Guerassim Voronkov. They will be accompanied by the comments of the stage director and music disseminator Maria Voronkova, who will tell us the story, the context and curiosities about the pieces you will listen to.



Ala Voronkova – violin

Guerassim Voronkov – piano

Maria Voronkova – comments

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