Communication and Politics in the United States
Blanquerna – Ramon Llull University

The emergence of new communication channels has had an enormous impact on the connections between politics, means of communication and social changes in the world. The IEN is interested in fostering the study of this impact on the United States of America and examining the changes and transformations in the public sphere and democracy in the USA caused by these new communication channels.

The Diploma of University Specialization in Communication and Politics in the United States of America offers education in both the spheres of communication and political marketing based on the study and analysis of communication and politics in the United States. Classes will have a highly distinguished practical application thanks to the participation of recognized and prestigious journalism, international relations, consulting and communications advice professionals and experts. The program includes a stay in the United States of America at the end of the course to visit the main American institutions and organizations in Washington.


The New Political Communication Rules in the United States (in Catalan)

Ismael Nafría, journalist and writer specialized in digital media, Director of the National Geographic Spain magazine and member of the ...
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