QUARTET MOANA – I like to be in America

QUARTET MOANA is a string quartet of classical and contemporary music.

Founded in 2013, it currently has the violinists Rubén Herrera and Carlota Novell, the violist Sergi Miró and the cellist Clara Manjón.

With an international professional training of the richest and most diverse, the members of Quartet Moana have in common having coincided in their higher studies at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu de Barcelona, ​​to later continue technical improvement abroad. His repertoire addresses different styles and periods with the intention of making the public, in an almost pedagogical way, reach the wide range of artistic expressions that today concur in music. However, always with the intention of introducing the public into the formation of the classical string quartet and deepening in a repertoire of the formation, through the search and investigation of unusual repertoires, without losing the common thread in their interpretation.

I Like to be in America is the most recognized phrase from the musical West Side Story. And it is with these words that they have wanted to give their project its name. Perfect to define the important historical contribution that the US has had to music.

Although the United States is musically known as the country of soundtracks, jazz and musicals, great composers of other genres, such as classics, were born or lived in the country, contributing to the enormous musical wealth of the country.

In this concert, the Quartet Moana makes a musical journey of composers of various musical genres who, although born abroad, emigrated to the United States where they were inspired and developed their musical careers, as well as composers born in the United States, some world-famous and others unfairly less acclaimed, but not for that reason of less musical quality.

To do this, they invite you to enjoy both universal works in the classical quartet’s literature, as well as to explore less frequent sounds and textures in the concerts of their formation. Carrying out a brief explanation to be able to contextualize, understand, immerse yourself and travel for a moment to the land of dreams.

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