Wednesday, Feb’ 09th, 2022

7:30 pm

ICCIC Auditorium


 Music in the cinema was never just a complement, but rather, from the very origin of movies, music has uninterruptedly contributed to the art of film, even before sound was incorporated into the film itself.

Indeed, before there was any sound track at all, music was performed live in the theaters. It became a determining element in the art, emphasizing what occurred on screen, creating the appropriate mood, marking the change in scenes, reinforcing the emotions that cinema sought to transmit; with special emphasis on the most dramatic elements, whether they were comic or tragic.

In that context, the piano stood out. It could be played solo, or serve as a unifying element in a group. It should also be noted that the skill of the pianist to improvise was of immense value as their music adapted to what was happening on screen, and was adjusted to suit the turns of the film’s plot.

Then there were the large number of American composers, as well as composers from other countries, who became part of the Hollywood movie system. Their work created a remarkable cultural patrimony within various different styles of music. Many of those pieces have already become classics.

UN PIANO DE CINE is the continuation of a project by Manuel Vallribera Mir that came about in 2021, based on a special assignment received in connection with the San Sebastián International Film Festival (Donostiako Nazioarteko Zinemaldia).

Everything started on September 24, in the cellar of the “Altxerri jazz&bar” in Donostia, under the title “Jazz Film Music”. On that occasion, the piano performed solo and since then multiple proposals to continue in the same vein have been received since saw significant success.

It is not aimed at reproducing specific film scores or sound tracks, or to place emphasis on “musicals”, but rather to use an individual’s personal vision to interpret pieces that have become classic themes particularly through their important presence in cinema.

This time we present, with the collaboration on drums and percussion of Nestor Busquets, Manuel Vallribera, a classically trained musician from the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu, who primarily employs his favorite “musical dialect”: jazz, but under the umbrella of what he eclectically defines as “Open Jazz”…

Manuel Vallribera Mir
Barcelona, 16 de desembre de 2021

Manuel Vallribera, piano
Nestor Busquets, percussió

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