A meeting space to establish a dialogue around a topic and provoke an exchange of views between cultures. The idea is to bring together native speakers and advanced learners of English to discuss issues that are relevant and build bridges between communities and cultures.

There will be a team leading the sessions, but everyone is encouraged to participate.
Groups will be reduced.

Nomadland, Chloé Zhao’s award-winning movie based on Jessica Bruder’s nonfiction book about the plight of older Americans, who out of choice or necessity have dropped out of the rat race and are living in their modified cars and vans, moving from place to place across the American West in search of freedom, independence and temporary employment

Available on Disney+, Rakuten TV, Microsoft Store, Google Play, Apple TV i Amazon

You can join the discussion / In English

Friday, 27/05/2022
At IEN, Via Augusta, 121

Please confirm attendance to before May 25th
Limited capacity

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