Thursday, Oct’ 14th, 2021
ICCIC Auditorium, Vía Augusta, 205
08006, Barcelona

This band focuses its repertoire on the original Blues, Swing and Boogie style.
GIORCELLI’s piano reminds us the old barrelhouses and honky tonks from
New Orleans, while REGINALD recreates the old train walk on the drumsticks.
To this, must be added the sensual, wild and torn voice of STER, who creates a
climax of Blues at every concert.
In all the time it has been on the road, this group has had the opportunity to perform
in prestigious venues and festivals in our country and, at an annual event, at the
legendary Caveau de la Huchette in Paris.
With a record recorded in 2012 “Lost in a Dream”, another one in 2013, “Everynight”,
and the last one, “Come with Me”, recorded in 2015, this band guarantees adrenaline
at every concert.


Ster Wax, Vox
David Giorcelli, Piano
Reginald Vilardell, Drums


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