Jazz Concerts at the IEN are back

After the suspension of the concerts in March 2020 due to the pandemic related restrictions, this Thursday, March,18 at 7.30 pm in the ICCIC auditorium in Barcelona, the jazz concerts are back with Gili-Romani Hot Jazz Cats.

Jazz related activities at the North American Studies Institute are a long-standing tradition. The first ones documented were Jam Sessions during the 1959-60 course year, “The psychology of Jazz” speech by Adrian Sunshine in 1961, and in 1965 “The New Jazz Quartet” concert. Since then, several groups, musicians and experts have come to the IEN to play or talk about jazz music. Furthermore, the library holds a collection of books on Jazz as well as imported jazz records which could be listened to in audio sessions.

Later on, in what could be considered the second stage of the IEN’s connection to jazz music, a strong relationship was established as the Jubilee Jazz Club began to offer monthly jazz concerts. To this day, these concerts continue to attract the attention of both musicians and the general public.


Have performed at the IEN:

La Locomotora Negra, Ignasi Terraza i Oriol Romaní, Marc Ferrer Trio ft. Marian Barahona & Paul Evans, Benjamin León Trio: Benjamin León, Albert Romani i Artur Regada., Angue & her Hot Jazz Trio, Benny Green, Dado Moroni, Bernd Lhotzky, Mazzanti-Calliero Classic Jazz Quartet, Swing Flamingos, Three Cool Cats, The Blues Prisoners, Lluis Coloma Trio, Chino & The Big Bet + Sax Attack, Saphie Wells & The Swing Cats, Gunhild Carling & Shakin’ All, Marc Ferrer Trio, Bernat Font, Joan Motera, Martí Elíes, Queralt Camps, Dave Mitchell, Geni Barry Quartet – recordant Bobby Hutcherson, Leroy Jones & Shakin’ All, Gerard Nieto Reunion Three, Oriol Romaní Classic Jazz Quartet, Wax & Boogie, La Jove Big Band, Boston Bridges, Big Band de la UB, Susane Sheiman, Artur Regada, Xavier Algans, Caspar Saint-Charles, Bernat Font, Dave Mitchell & Kike Angulo, Jaume Vilaseca Trio, Big Mama Montse & Riqui Sabatés, August Tharrats Trio, Biel Ballester Quartet, Wax & boogie, Lasco-Romaní Jazz Dúo, Kunta-kintet, Clara Sallago Quartet, Toni Solà, Gerard Nieto, Ignasi Gonzàlez, Xavier Hinojosa, Susana Sheiman and her Trio, Xavier Algans, Pere Loewe, Big Mama & Sister Marion, Yolanda Sikara, Lluis Vidal, Jordi Sánchez, Swingologie Trio, Jove Big Band taller de músics & Rio Americano, Geni Barry Quintet, Clara Sallago, Enric Puigdecens, Miki Grau, Alex González, Suite Urbana: Vicens Martin Grup, Gospel Link Singers, Pere Ferré i el Jazzman Quintet, Vicent Macián, Jazz Carols, Horacio Fumero, David Cid, Sallago Quartet, Jazztring Trio, Joan Chamorro, Andrea Motis, Iscle Datzira, Magalí Datzira, Eva Fernández, Josep Traver, Marc Martí, Esteve Pi, Ivó Oller Quintet, Amelia Bernet, David Pastor i Marco Mezquita, Guillermo Calliero Quartet, , Barcelona Swing Serenaders, Steve Pistorius Trio, Dany Doriz, Esteve Pi, Gabriel Amargant Quartet, Marc Ayza, Gorka Benítez, Tom Warburton, Big Mama & Víctor Puertas and Ramón Sellarès, Casares Jazz Machine, Raül Reverter Trop’s in Jazz, Tacirupeca y sus lobos, Krause-Maas Quartet, Guim G. Balasch Quartet, Jazzland Trio, Biel Ballester Trio, Joan Monné Trio, Carles Benavent Trio, Wendell Brunious, José Alberto Medina Jam Trio, Pep o’Callaghan & Publio Delgado, Jon Robles and David Mengual, Ignasi Terraza i Susana Sheiman, Eric Reed Trio, Joan Díaz i Carola Ortiz, Jubilee Jazz Orchestra, The Spirit of New Orleans, Martí Serra Trio, Lluís Coloma Trio, Barcelona Hot Angels, Txell Sust & August Tharrats Blues Trio, Xavi Maureta Quartet, Llibert Fortuny Trio, Barcelona Jazz trio, Jubilee Jazz Club Band, Joan Chamorro, David mengual i Jo krause, Francesc Burrull Trio, David Xirgu Quartet, Jimmy Weinstein Quartet, Santiago Pérez, The Inma Lázaro Quintet, Ellyn Rucker, Rova Saxophone Quartet, Joe Lee Wilson, Millikin University Jazz Lab Band, Mainstream Jazz Group y Modern Jazz Quintet, Toti Soler, Jorge Sabatés, Alfonso de Lucas and Pat Baptiste, USS Little Rock, New Orleans Jazz Band, The Modern Jazz Quintet y El Cuarteto de Jose Puigbo, Tete Montoliu, Ran Blake, Eduardo Gracia, Manuel Gas, Ramón Farrán, Samantha Lee, The New Jazz Quartet, Willis Clark Conover, Juan Carlos Cáceres, Thomas S. McIntosh.

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