IEN-IBEI US Foreign Policy Seminar Series (Fall 2021)

As part of the US policy and international security program at the Institute of North American Studies (IEN) and the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI), IEN Senior Fellow Dr. Jeffrey Michaels has organized a series of seminars that will be held next term.

The seminars will feature a combination of academics, PhD students and American policy makers as speakers. The sessions will last for 60 minutes (5-minute introduction, 30-minute presentation, 30-minute Q&A, 5-minute conclusion)



October, 19
‘The United States, the International Criminal Court, and the Crime of Aggression’
Dr. Giulia Pecorella, Middlesex University
October, 26
‘Trump Was Not Unique: Continuity and Change in American Foreign Policy’
Dr. Andrew Gawthorpe, University of Leiden
November, 2
The Biden Foreign Policy: First Year Assessment’
Professor Bruce W. Jentleson, Sanford School of Public Policy. Click here for more information
November, 9
Seven Decades of American Studies in Europe
Professor Philip McGowan, Queen’s University Belfast. Click here for more information
November, 11
‘Continuity and Change in U.S. Human Rights Policy’
Professor Sarah B. Synder, American University. Click here for more information
November, 16
Catalonia’s Relationship with the United States: A Personal Perspective
Minister of Foreign Action and Open Government Victòria Alsina Burgués, Government of Catalonia. Click here for more information
December, 14
Status as a Driver of US foreign policy’
Professor Michelle Murray, Bard College. Click here for more information


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