IEN-IBEI US Foreign Policy Seminar Series (January-June 2021)

As part of the US policy and international security program at the Institute of North American Studies (IEN) and the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI), IEN Senior Fellow Dr. Jeffrey Michaels has organized a series of seminars that will be held in the first semester of 2021.

The seminars will feature a combination of academics, PhD students and American policy makers as speakers. The sessions will last for 60 minutes (5-minute introduction, 30-minute presentation, 30-minute Q&A, 5-minute conclusion)

Programme (online)

12 JanuaryCurating and Re-Curating the Wars in Vietnam and Iraq
Professor Christine Sylvester, University of Connecticut
19 JanuaryThe Evolution of US Climate Change Diplomacy
Dr. Mara Oliva, University of Reading.
2 FebruaryThe US Senate and Arms Control
Dr. Lowell Schwartz, Senior Professional Staffer, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
16 FebruaryAmerican Exceptionalism in the Post-Trump era
Dr. Hilde Restad, Bjørknes University
2 MarchThe Global Policeman: Past, Present, and Future
Dr. Stuart Schrader, Johns Hopkins University
16 MarchUS-Spanish Relations and the Biden Presidency
Dr. Carlota Encina, Real Instituto Elcano
12 AprilContemporary US-India Relations
Dr. Rudra Chaudhuri, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
26 AprilUS Cultural Diplomacy
Professor Giles Scott-Smith, Leiden University
11 MayRace and American Foreign Policy
Professor Michael Krenn, Appalachian State University
25 MayUS Foreign Policy: A Political Psychology Perspective
Professor David Houghton, US Naval War College
1 JuneUS-Spanish Relations
Mr. Robert Riley, US Consul General, Barcelona

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