On October 28th took place the workshop to analyze the 2020 US Presidential Election and its implications for the future of American foreign policy. It brought together a group of distinguished international scholars to gain a useful perspective on different issues.

The workshop also marks the recent creation of a new program on American politics and international security by Institut d’Estudis Nord-americans (IEN) and Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI).

Click below to watch the video of the workshop:

Workshop Programme

15:00 CET. Welcome

Jeffrey Michaels (IEN Senior Fellow, IBEI)


15:05 CET. Opening Remarks

Robert Riley (US Consul General, Barcelona)

Narcís Serra (President, IBEI)

Joan Corona (President, IEN)


15:30-16:45 CET. Panel 1. The Presidency and US Foreign Policy: Continuity versus Change

Patrick Porter (University of Birmingham)

Andrew Preston (University of Cambridge)

Joshua Shifrinson (Boston University)


16:45-17:00 CET. Break


17:00-18:15 CET. Panel 2. The Trump and Biden Foreign Policy Agendas

Bruce Jentleson (Duke University)

Hilde Eliassen Restad (Bjørknes University College)

Andrew Gawthorpe (Leiden University)


18:15-18:30 CET. Break


18:30-19:50 CET. Panel 3. European Reactions to the US Presidential Election

Sir Lawrence Freedman (King’s College London)

Charles Powell (Real Instituto Elcano)

Sven Biscop (Egmont Institute)


19:50 CET. Closing remarks



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