The Institute of North American Studies Foundation is developing activities of general, educational, cultural, scientific and civic interest in order to foster mutual knowledge of life, culture, history and language between Catalonia and the United States of America.
Emma Marwood:

Emma Marwood: “For many US citizens, being able to live in Barcelona is a dream”

By Marc Amat Emma Marwood is Acting Consul General at the United States Consulate General in Barcelona. After serving as ...
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Claudio Möller

Claudio Möller: “The exchange of knowledge between Catalan and American doctors furthers medicine”

By Marc Amat For decades, the United States has been a center of attraction of talent for many sectors from ...
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Tori Sparks

Tori Sparks: “In Barcelona I found a new home where I could grow musically”

Photography: Luis Lecumberry By Marc Amat Tori Sparks (Chicago, 1983) is an American singer-songwriter who found in Barcelona the perfect ...
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Ricard Gili

Ricard Gili: “Jazz music has values that make it a very special kind of music”

Ricard Gili is a retired architect and sees himself as a jazz fan. He has dedicated a large part of ...
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