US & EU Barcelona Meeting

The Institute of North American Studies Foundation wishes to promote the study of different areas of culture, history, society, economics and politics of the United States of America. This will thus promote the city of Barcelona as a place for reflection, debate and as a key meeting point for American studies.

With this objective in mind, since September 2020 Dr. Jeffrey Michaels joined the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) as an IEN Senior Fellow to organize a study program on U.S. policy and international security which is modeled on the pattern of the best American studies programs in Europe.

To expand its activity in the field of American studies and from an educational perspective, the IEN is launching the USA&EU Barcelona Meeting as an annual program of conferences that will provide expert vision, reflection and greater details on transatlantic relations in terms of politics, the environment, technology, research and investigation, culture, history and society.

A topic or area that is current and in which U.S.-E.U. relations are relevant will be chosen each year.

The USA&EU Barcelona Meeting will provide knowledge about:

  • Understanding the recent past that has led to the current situation of the aspect to be addressed
  • Identifying and recognizing the most relevant issues, challenges and threats relevant to the proposed topic.
  • Providing critical analysis for the complex international reality, focusing this on the aim of the seminar.
  • Promoting a comprehensive view that incorporates geographical, geopolitical, economic, social and cultural perspectives.
  • Knowing the actors, dynamics and factors that interact in the decision-making process.

Who will be the speakers?

  • Institutional representatives
  • Academics
  • Specialized journalists

For whom is it intended?

  • Members of the diplomatic and consular corps present in Barcelona
  • University lecturer in disciplines related to international studies and the areas related to the proposal
  • Postgraduate students in political science, international relations and cultural studies
  • Communication professionals specialized in international politics
  • Media
  • General public interested in the international agenda between the United States of America and the European Union.

Where will it be held?

Sala Macaya – Palau Macaya
Passeig de Sant Joan, 108, 08037 Barcelona


No matter the speaker’s language, the speech will be heard in English, Spanish or Catalan. Simultaneous interpretation will be included.


The media will be informed of expert visits

The event will not be streamed but will be filmed to edit a short portion to be posted on the IEN website

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